18-19 juin 2015 Meudon (France)


The sudden solar eruptions are known to be at the origin of large disturbances of the Earth's magnetosphere currents, but also of space and even ground-based industrial infrastructures. Space weather cover all the studies enabling to foresee the start of eruptions, determine the trajectory of the damageable particles and their potential impacts on the Earth magnetosphere. Asteroid falls are also a big threat for the Earth. The determination of the physical characteristics and composition of these objects as well as their trajectories are of crucial importance to try to prevent other disastrous events like the one in Chelyabinsk. Paris observatory researchers are deeply implicated in studies and surveys regarding all kinds of threat of the Earth space environment. All the societal expectation on the prevision of the space threat are similar to the ones on atmospheric meteorology. We thus organize a meeting between the atmospheric meteorology and space weather communities. The aim is to exchange on the expertise in particular regarding the methods of prevision. This is the first time such meeting is organized in France.

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